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Linux "Red Hat, Canonical and the Linux Foundation have laid out a set of recommendations for hardware vendors in hopes of preserving the ability to install Linux on Windows 8 machines. Windows 8 machines should ship in a setup mode giving users more control right off the bat, the groups argue." Group hug-cheer combo for Red Hat, Canonical, and the Linux Foundation please.
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RE[2]: Them are fighting words...
by Morgan on Mon 31st Oct 2011 22:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Them are fighting words..."
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...they don't require secure boot to be enabled by default.

Maybe not yet. Perhaps when Windows 9 rolls around though, and all modern computers have the Secure Boot feature, we will see a dialog during the Windows install process that says something like "In order to continue installing, please *click here* to turn on Secure Boot." Since the vast majority of users, even power users, will simply click and not think about it, it's entirely possible that Microsoft will not only turn it on but insert code that prevents it being turned back off for other OSes.

Then again, it could end up like the Pentium III processor serial number debacle: One BIOS update to turn it off by default in the original boards and it's never heard of again.

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