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Microsoft "Steve Ballmer had a dilemma. He had two groups at Microsoft pursuing competing visions for tablet computers. One group, led by Xbox godfather J Allard, was pushing for a sleek, two-screen tablet called the Courier that users controlled with their finger or a pen. But it had a problem: it was running a modified version of Windows. That ran headlong into the vision of tablet computing laid out by Steven Sinofsky, the head of Microsoft's Windows division. Sinofsky was wary of any product - let alone one from inside Microsoft's walls - that threatened the foundation of Microsoft's flagship operating system. But Sinofsky's tablet-friendly version of Windows was more than two years away." I'm still mad at Microsoft for this one.
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RE[7]: They was right
by zima on Wed 2nd Nov 2011 16:21 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: They was right"
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It's interesting to note that a number of successful Apple products were failures many years ago. Newton vs iPad, Macintosh TV vs Apple TV, Cube vs Mac Mini. Even the first MacBook Air can be considered a failure and the current one a success.

MobileMe? You already forgot? ;)
We should probably somehow remember about the ongoing retirement of many ~"professional" product lines, too...
(doesn't that essentially present current "revolutionary" Apple product lines as not so revolutionary after all?... walking on the corpses of earlier attempts; not only by Apple)

And it's certainly not so straightforward with Cube - it seems like a second and worse attempt at what was apparently some fetish of Steve, judging from Nextcubes ;) (which I would count as much more successful product, even if much less visible on the consumer market). Also, it's a bit too much to call Apple "just a hobby" TV a success... it's doing OK.

Overall, since Next came up - sometimes I'm not sure if it's quite accurate to see those "two Apples" as one company - Apple of the 90s failed (it would possibly fold if not for, unmerited at the time, following it enjoyed; maybe even also if not for MS desiring to be able to point fingers at some "competition"). What happened afterwards seemed kinda like (mostly wilful, but still) corporate takeover, pretty much gutting many of Apple projects, starting big new & continuation of "alien" ones.

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RE[8]: They was right
by MOS6510 on Wed 2nd Nov 2011 16:28 in reply to "RE[7]: They was right"
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MobileMe? You already forgot? ;)

I'm still in the stage of understanding the difference between MobileMe and iCloud. It's MobileMe, they improved the synching and dropped a few features. Su basically it's less, but it works better.

It would be more fun if iWork files also showed up on your Mac, not just between iOS devices. It's something that has to be implemented and really had to be there from day one.

Not too happy about PhotoStream either. If I make a screenshot on my iPhone it shows up in my AppleTV screensaver. Worse, I grabbed the picture of a bloke on LinkedIn on my iPhone, added it to his address book entry and now we have this smiling face of a person I only met once and my wife has no idea of who he is on our TV screen.

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