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Editorial We've all had the idea, even if we've never pursued it. We just know we could make money in the stock market, based on our tech knowledge. We live and breathe tech. Why not profit from it?
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RE[4]: Invest by paying of debt
by Darkmage on Wed 9th Nov 2011 08:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Invest by paying of debt"
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ii 2012 I'd say invest in Apple, except Steve Jobs died. There are no obvious clever investments right now. There's no companies that stand head and shoulders above others, and no clear idea leaders. Without jobs there's a 50/50 chance Apple will flush itself within 8 years. Look for a CEO or team that generates a massive level of excitement around the product. Noone is awaiting with awe the next google news announcement because google has matured. Same with Facebook. Apple time will tell what happens there. Tech as an investment is pretty crappy at the moment.

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There are no obvious clever investment for 2012 right now but in 2015 it will be obvious. There is never any obvious clever investment for the future. It's always obvious for the past.

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