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Bugs & Viruses "What happens when anyone can develop and publish an application to the Android Market? A 472% increase in Android malware samples since July 2011." A study by The Global Threat Center over at Juniper Networks details mobile attacks that are increasing both in numbers and sophistication. This contrasts to the iPhone, more secure in part due to Apple's proprietary hold over the platform through its review process.
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That was on the official Android market and it's not the only time it happened.

I am not saying that Google should make rooting tougher (it should be easier, it would help with debugging NDK code), or that it should not be possible to have other markets, etc...

I am saying that paying more attention to their own store could help. I do not think that they have the will to dedicate enough resources to policing it a bit more Apple-style not to produce huge delays between submission and publication. Still, the sense of Android being an understaffed and underfunded project (I do not know why Google is treating such a cash cow like this) is still there... especially when I visit the Tools page.

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