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OSNews, Generic OSes You all know MINIX - a microkernel operating system project led by Andrew Tanenbaum. The French Linux magazine has an interview with Andrew Tanenbaum about MINIX' current state and future. There's some interesting stuff in there.
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RE[2]: Comment by peteo
by ebasconp on Mon 21st Nov 2011 20:56 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by peteo"
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Please respect the old guys; you are walking on the roads they built for us!

About microkernels: XNU (the Mac OS X microkernel base) shows they are completely viable; QNX is also a viable option.

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RE[3]: Comment by peteo
by kragil on Mon 21st Nov 2011 23:35 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by peteo"
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XNU is not a microkernel and a million posts by AFs will not change that. Sure some parts of XNU were based on MACH ( long ago, but combined with all the FreeBSD stuff Apple ended up with something that is defintely not a microkernel. It is even more a monolith than it is a hybrid. The difference between KFreeBSD and XNU is not that great.

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