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In the News "In a few weeks Amelia Andersdotter will be the second Pirate Party member to take a seat at the European Parliament in Brussels. The 24-year-old Swede was voted in more than two years ago, but due to bureaucratic quibbles her official appointment was delayed. TorrentFreak catches up with the soon-to-be youngest MEP to hear about her plans and expectations."
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RE[8]: Software Souls
by Laurence on Tue 22nd Nov 2011 13:02 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Software Souls"
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Every elected politician has a bright future ahead, is a saviour or shining beacon and so on, as far as significant portion of the electorate is concerned at that point ;) (and, often, as far as large enough portion is concerned, throughout entirety of given political career)

Yeah, but how many of them are barely out of university and looking to start the whole of their working life?

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RE[9]: Software Souls
by zima on Mon 28th Nov 2011 23:58 in reply to "RE[8]: Software Souls"
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Oh, sure, it was mostly just about "bright future" (ask supporters of any popular politician how they see the future... and also, how they see the past; NVM how it really was BTW) which doesn't mean much in itself / gets always thrown around ;) (not saying she's not fine; probably at the very least one of more bearable people in EU Parliament now)

Still, while it's great, lets not get carried too far...
There are quite a few candidates in their 20s - and somebody has to be the youngest, right? Easier with a party which is about desires of mostly young people, one which caters largely to them at this point (surely you don't marvel at a choice of some geriatric politician by a party / electorate of pensioners ;p )

Also, different places vote for EU Parliament - so, when comparing who they choose, it's not strictly about relative virtues (NVM how even isolated political choices aren't too often strictly about them).
Amelia Andersdotter (while she does seem a very fine candidate), is also from a fairly progressive place... (for one, she's a woman - which in many places would lessen the chances of her being elected significantly)

And I don't know how it's ultimately set up in the UK, but here people going to EU parliament are, largely, invisible policy-followers of their parent party - national parliament seems more lucrative, politically. Ending up on the list of EU Parliament doesn't have to be a function of "experience" and such - for example, from what I see, it's sometimes even a way to brush aside some members from meddling into "real front"

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