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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Heck yes. This is one fine way to toast the weekend, ain't it? HP has just announced it's going to release webOS under an open source license. While the company will cease making hardware for the platform for now, it will continue development on it together with the open source community. Hey Access, you listening? Update: More good news: HP's CEO just told The Verge that HP will be putting webOS on hardware after all - tablets!
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"Hey Access!
by MYOB on Fri 9th Dec 2011 20:41 UTC
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ref the Access call there - the BeOS source would need stripping of a lot of licenced code in there, there's stuff licenced in from Metrowerks, Intel, HeadSpace and others I can no longer remember. Even a lot of the drivers were written under contract.

I'd imagine HP know the licencing status of everything in WebOS pretty well - I doubt Access know the status of quite old code they bought third hand so easily.

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RE: "Hey Access!
by henderson101 on Sat 10th Dec 2011 00:16 in reply to ""Hey Access!"
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There's quite a lot of GPL abuse IIRC. Loads and loads of licensed stuff. The code can be quite messy in places too. Haiku is probably a better horse to bet on these days.

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RE: "Hey Access!
by neticspace on Sat 10th Dec 2011 15:47 in reply to ""Hey Access!"
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To me, Access is an awkwardly-managed Japanese company that has a rather very difficult time embracing the concept of software managements.

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