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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I'm never one to always be negative about something I don't like (he said, casually glancing at his collection of Apple products). Even in the universally despised territory of software patent lawsuits you can find a tiny grain of something positive - if you look hard enough. This time around, it's karma. Due to Apple's aggressive patent lawsuits, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has actually gained in popularity - the exact opposite of the anti-competitive intentions Cupertino had. Update: "The tablet Apple tried to stop". Oh Samsung, you cheeky monkey.
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How they come up with this gem
by Headrush on Thu 15th Dec 2011 01:19 UTC
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Although this makes great fodder, pretty much impossible to quantitatively say that the two are directly correlated to the extent it is being suggested.

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I don't think many people are aware of the lawsuit stuff and the ones that do already know what's on the tablet market.

Customers look at advertising, prices and offers. Most won't even read any reviews and buy a tablet because it looks nice and it was an offer. And as the Tab looks and smells like an iPad those customers probably think they bought a Samsung iPad.

Only 2 weeks ago this guy at work asked me what to buy. I told him to get an iPad. Then he got a call from his wife who was at the store to get an iPad, but she had bought some weird brand tablet. The sales guy had told her it was basically the same as an iPad and they were giving them away at a lower price.

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You contradict yourself. Somebody didn't just "look at advertising, prices and offers", somebody asked you (with inevitable response, but that's beside the point), somebody also asked a shop clerk. And at the very least, you and that clerk follow the market a little more closely than "ads, etc.", probably in part also thanks to the recent court circus.

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