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Internet Explorer As it turns out, Google's idea of silently and automatically updating web browsers for security's sake is actually a pretty darn good idea - Chrome is pretty much always up-to-date. Microsoft agrees with this, and has announced it's going to automatically update Internet Explorer on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
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LMFAO... you know the situation has gotten out of hand when there's a damn add-on to tell you how many others of your add-ons will not work with the latest Mozilla seemingly monthly, minimal-change, high version inflation release. This just goes to show how pathetic the situation really is.

The addons hosted by Mozilla at it addon site are all checked automatically.

This tool allows people to check and report on addons which they are using which have nothing to do with Mozilla.

It isn't Mozilla's fault in any way if the user wants to install external software that reports itself as incompatible even when it isn't. If you want to laugh at anybody, laugh at the external-to-Mozilla addon authors who haven't followed guidelines, test only for the browser version like they are NOT supposed to, and yet they also haven't kept their addons up to date with the browser versions.

Sheesh! At least try to get the story even half right.

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Which translate to "blame the add-on developers for not spending a week testing their code on a dozen of versions". Much better than blaming Mozilla for not being able to offer a stable API, which is the part they should have copied from Chrome before copying the version scheme.

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It the open source mentality ... churn is okay.

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