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Novell and Ximian Novell is expected to initiate a major round of layoffs that could cut 1000 or more jobs in an attempt to restore the server software company's financial strength, according to employees familiar with the plan.
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>> I think Novell has an opportunity to
>> upgrade customers
>> from Outlook and Exchange to some sort of
>> Evolution/Thunderbird client

this is an open issue, but i think the next major move in email, as with many other functions tied to a platform, is to get them on the web. personally i use gmail as an aggregator of all of my work and personal mail. i know many people who are forwarding and relaying from webmail simply because they are on the move constantly, and would much rather trust a server farm than their laptop. webmail is a nontrivial market - yahoo and google have nearly 100 million regular webmail users. if they can provide real business-class functionality to users, they will change the software market.

for those who insist on staying on a client, i suspect they will likely just stay with outlook since it provides the exchange hooks they likely have grown to love. i don't use outlook but i have not heard a compelling argument why those who use it and don't mind it would switch. for those who just don't like microsoft, they are likely already using thunderbird on windows.

>> lay off the old people who don't like change, force
>> everyone to take a 4:20 break, etc.

well the issue is that some of those old-timers are bringing in a lot of money via support contacts that are more or less easy money at this point. novell would be stupid not to milk that cash at this point, they already made the investments needed.

the more salient point is what the heck are the ximian guys really doing to put money in the bank for this company? sure they do great pr with their blogging etc, and they have a great pedigree, but once again, i offer that their fundamental vision of mono as a platform is a flop. where is this future where everyone gives a poop about .net apps? it never played out, webapps killed it.

the web as a platform is going to hurt all of the OS-based platform companies to some regard, because frankly your OS really doesn't matter that much any more, which is the entire point of the network computer built on open standards.

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IMHO web based email is okay so long as you don't need any integration - be it with your Exchange/Groupwise server, your desktop applications, your SharePoint portal, your CRM or ERP software, etc. Outlook and to some extend Evolution have the ability to do this, while Hotmail, Gmail etc do not. In a business environment, a web-based access point for internal systems (Exchange & GroupWise both do this well) is more realistic at this point.

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