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Linux Without corporate backing or advertising, Puppy Linux has become one of the world's ten most popular Linux distributions. In the past few months Puppy has whelped a litter of like systems, each with its own unique DNA. This article summarizes Puppy and then describes the new brood.
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RE: Security
by WereCatf on Sun 18th Dec 2011 03:06 UTC in reply to "Security"
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Nevertheless, reality is that surfing the net as root carries some real risks, whether Puppy users wish to admit it or not. I would never do online banking or credit card purchases with Puppy for this reason.

I do mostly agree with but this is something I don't understand: why would doing online banking or credit card purchases as root be any less secure than as a regular user? Your local user account bears no significance to the security of the data that leaves the machine, it doesn't carry over.

Running as root is bad because of LOCAL privileges, ie. a root user can modify system files, access other operating systems' disks and/or partitions etc. whereas a non-privileged user can't. But a non-privileged user can still access his or her own files, and a keylogger won't need root privileges to log what you're typing.

My point being that running as non-root is not some damn magic bullet after which you can just blindly trust anything anywhere.

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RE[2]: Security
by mike99 on Tue 20th Dec 2011 16:51 in reply to "RE: Security"
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Good answer.(actually the best answer i read so far). Even though the % of fraud is lower from computing, i tell my anyone when the subject comes up to not do "Online Banking". So, lets say you cannot get to "your bank" when you want/need.You can run Puppy from a CD-R quickly. Puppy was meant as a personal O/S. An alternative. You could spend your money, or someone elses, but, suit yourself.
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