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Bugs & Viruses AT&T has told the U.S. Congress that its customers agreed to host Carrier IQ tracking software on their cellphones in their contracts. You might recall that, after the scandal over warrentless surveillance broke in 2006, AT&T quietly changed their contract for internet service to say that it -- not its customers -- owns all the customers' internet records. Those concerned about privacy might consider whether AT&T merits their trust.
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RE[4]: Cancel your service
by kokara4a on Mon 19th Dec 2011 08:11 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Cancel your service"
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they COULD collect this information on the back end only, (which they do as a side effect of providing those services), but they get better data about the performance of their network by tracking that on the handset.

Would you care to clarify how doing it on the handheld yields better data? After all, every bit of data passes the provider's network so all QoS metrics can be extracted from there. I would even assume that you can get more detailed information from the backbone equipment.

So......WTF is the big deal? don't like having someone else know what you are doing? then stop using a cell phone service, and, for good measure, end your ISP service, turn in your library card, and stop buying items on credit/debit.

Collecting information about your actions should only be used to enhance the service you are paying for. It should never be turned into a product that is sold to other companies.

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RE[5]: Cancel your service
by Neolander on Mon 19th Dec 2011 12:19 in reply to "RE[4]: Cancel your service"
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To play the devil's advocate, handset-based data may allow carriers to know when an antenna has unexpectedly poor reach or is utterly malfunctioning despite reporting a healthy status on automated tests.

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RE[6]: Cancel your service
by zima on Sun 25th Dec 2011 23:56 in reply to "RE[5]: Cancel your service"
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The towers track the connectivity with handsets anyway, otherwise they wouldn't operate anyway near efficiently; lots of spectrum would go to waste.
And if the data is wrong ...a software few layers above would hardly change that.

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modmans2ndcoming Member since:

None of the information collected has been sold. So again... what is your problem?

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RE[6]: Cancel your service
by tidux on Tue 20th Dec 2011 15:30 in reply to "RE[5]: Cancel your service"
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My problem is that companies and governments alike are shitting all over my privacy. I'd like to have a cell phone - maybe even a smart phone - without feeling like a lab rat or a citizen of Oceania.

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RE[6]: Cancel your service
by zima on Sun 25th Dec 2011 23:50 in reply to "RE[5]: Cancel your service"
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Yeah, I'm sure CarrierIQ announcing partnership with Nielsen ( ) - evidently to find another use for the data they gather - was just some elaborate lie, a harmless (before the November attention they got) joke.

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