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Apple Apple makes the best consumer laptops. For me, there's absolutely no denying that this is the case. Apple has had this lead over the competition since the iBook G3 Dual USB 12.1" and 14", and has never lost it. Right now, the rumour mill is abuzz about Apple supposedly prepping to launch a MacBook Pro with a retina display - 2880x1800.
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There is even 1920x1080 option in 13.3" Z series.

I've spent a lot of time looking for laptops with high resolution screens and I came to a conclusion that the limiting factors are software support for UI scaling and power consumption. Especially the latter became the issue as people started expecting light and thin devices working on a battery for hours - hence the recent set back in laptop screen development.

Luckily (for now, at least) there is a "Full-HD" holy grail so we can expect to have 1920x1080 everywhere at some point. It may take some time to go beyond that point, though.

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