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Window Managers Gtk+ has GNOME on the one hand, and Xfce on the other. Qt, on the other hand, only has KDE - there's no lightweight, less encompassing alternative if KDE doesn't float your boat, but you'd still want a Qt desktop. Luckily for you, there's now Razor-qt, a small, lightweight and simple Qt desktop environment.
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RE: Nice
by GeneralZod on Wed 21st Dec 2011 12:05 UTC in reply to "Nice"
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It's anticipated that the transition from Qt4 to Qt5 will be much, much less painful: apparently, the vast majority of changes will still be source-compatible.

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RE[2]: Nice
by Neolander on Wed 21st Dec 2011 14:01 in reply to "RE: Nice"
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The long-term plans of Nokia (shove accelerated graphics into the hardware requirements, deprecate C++ widgets in favor of CSS+Javascript... err... I mean QML) may be a bit harder for developers to digest, though.

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RE[3]: Nice
by Neolander on Wed 21st Dec 2011 17:55 in reply to "RE[2]: Nice"
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How is this inaccurate ?

A working OpenGL implementation will be required for Qt 5+ software to run. Knowing the fantastic performance of software OpenGL emulation and the new focus on shiny animations and touchscreen gestures, it is likely that a GPU with working drivers will be required for future Qt software to run properly. Fun times for Linux users with recent graphics hardware...

This article also explicitly states that QML + Javascript is the future, and that they expect you to only use C++ for application logic, or even not at all.

I am the first to hope that this madness will cease before it has gone too far, as I like Qt 4 as a framework and it saddens me to see it take that direction.

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RE[3]: Nice
by cyrilleberger on Thu 22nd Dec 2011 08:44 in reply to "RE[2]: Nice"
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No they are not deprecated. They are considered complete and mature by Nokia. And while it is true that Nokia is not going to take care of the maintenance, and/or of future development, if there is enough interest, developers can and will contribute. There is still a lot of interest by other companies (especially from the industrial world) to keep funding the development of the C++ widgets for years to come, and also from the KDE and open source side. Also, note that QWidgets and QML share a lot of things in common (like the graphic stack), and one of the main reason of Qt5 is to cleanly split QWidgets, QML and the common stuff.

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