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Legal I'm guessing Apple is getting desperate, since its software patent lawsuits aren't doing particularly well. Moving on from software and design patents, the company is now suing Samsung over... Patents for mobile phone and tablet cases (more at The Verge). I think Apple has more offensive lawsuits than products now, so technically, "patent maker" is more accurate than "gadget maker" or "device maker". Fun times.
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Tony Swash
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"So you deny Samsung copied Apple and don't even blink?

I deny that Samsung/HTC/etc. copied Apple in the way that people like you make it out to be. I also deny that copying is somehow bad - this entire goddamn industry is built on stealing, copying, and thieving. I deny this idea that Apple is somehow the inventor of everything and all, even though Apple has not invented any new idea or technology in its entire existence.

In other words, I despise the hypocrisy where Samsung copies = bad, and Apple copies = okay.

So I interpret what you are saying is:

a) Samsung did not copy Apple

b) Copying is OK

c) Apple never made anything original so copying them is OK

Leaving aside the ethics of copying patented or copyrighted features what Apple does not do and which the likes of Samsung do do is copy entire products. All Apple's products are distinctly Apple's, as a company they take great care to make their products look and function in as original and distinctive Apple way as possible. Samsung do not. They try to make their products look as much like Apple's as is possible.

It may be successfully argued that what Samsung does, copying entire products right down to the packaging and accessories, is legal but do you think that that is OK and somehow laudable? That doing such a thing has merit?

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c) Apple never made anything original so copying them is OK

This is the important line. If they never made anything original, how is it copying from them?

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Well, I'll make it more easy for you (my interpretation):
a) everybody copying each other. Not just Samsung that copying Apple. Apple too have been copying from somebody else.
b) Can be bad, can be good. depend on the case. On this case, you can't say its bad.
c) Apple made something original, yes. But they too, copying something original from someone else, no? Doesn't that count?

Read carefully, everyone..

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