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Internet & Networking Yesterday, it was revealed GoDaddy actively supported SOPA - to the point of arrogance and dedain towards those opposing the US censorship law. As a result, a boycott was instated on reddit, which was picked up all over the web. Today, the company rescinded its support for SOPA - but for some high-profile clients, it's too late. Behold, the power of the internet.
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A Big Victory
by tux68 on Mon 26th Dec 2011 15:42 UTC
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This, of course, is a big victory for the free and open internet.

Don't think so; rather, this whole affair was designed to feel like a victory.

Now when the next oppressive effort comes along it will be buffeted with a defence from its proponents something like: "We compromised on SOPA, and we've learned from our mistakes. Now it's time for the other side to compromise with us."

This whole episode will be used as a ramrod to get their slightly-less-egregious agenda passed.

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