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Windows And so the smartphonification of the general purpose computer continues. This time around, though, it might actually be for the better. Microsoft has detailed two new features in Windows 8: refreshing and resetting your computer. Reinstalls will be a thing of the past.
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For perspective
by vaette on Fri 6th Jan 2012 14:42 UTC
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Just for perspective, Microsoft is not showing how their OS is much worse than Linux or whatever by bundling reset/reinstall functionality. Quite the opposite, the variants of Linux that most consumers use have this feature, and tons of people happily use it!

When someone brings out a needle or whatever to poke the little reset hole on the back of their router they are restoring a messed up Linux system to its pristine state. It is a good feature, that solves a lot of technical issues for many people in an understandable and acceptable way. The same when people do a factory reset of their Android phone, also a very common way to handle issues with phones.

In both the case of the router and the phone I have little doubt that it would be perfectly possible to get a shell up on it and then go through the system to find out what is actually wrong, but few people have the time and skills necessary to do so (or really care to, I am sure most readers have reset their router at one time or another without even trying to access the Linux system in it). It is especially a non-brainer if it can be done without losing your data and settings, which is exactly what Microsoft is designing this system to do.

It is true that Windows has also suffered a special need for this type of system, which makes it a bit sweeter still. That has improved greatly though, where I would reinstall XP every other year or so on pretty much all systems I have not reinstalled a single Windows 7 system yet, and the 7 installs are well past 2 years old already.

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