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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Raspberry Pis started being made a couple of days ago, but I was forbidden to tell you about it until signed contracts and receipts for payment had arrived - it's been killing me, especially since I've had tens of you asking me when manufacturing would start every day for the last few weeks. I am not good at keeping secrets." No more secrets to keep, Liz! I can't wait to place my order.
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RE: Strange blog post ...
by Laurence on Wed 11th Jan 2012 11:11 UTC in reply to "Strange blog post ..."
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Reading their blog post, it feels really strange. So they claimed 25 and 35 pounds price, before checking out, how actually expensive the production run in UK is going to be? It seems like an excuse, and the plan to produce at the far east from the very beginning.

Most projects will have a target price to aim for during the development of the product. Quite often that price shifts - on this occasion they managed to stick to it.

So I don't see the problem

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