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FreeBSD Some people already submitted this news last week, but it wasn't until today that it became official: the FreeBSD team has announced the release of FreeBSD version 9.0. As you may expect from the major version number change, this is releas eis packed with new stuff.
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I can't wait to have a decent NAS Server at home with ZFS. It will probably be a Mac Mini with a Thunderbolt attached set of 6-8 3TB WD Caviar Green (RAIDZ+Spare) and two SSDs, if the FreeBSD ZFS implementation supports L2ARC acceleration using Flash storage and a second Thunderbolt attached 1Gbps NIC.

L2ARC (cache) devices have been fully supported in FreeBSD's version of ZFS since it was first imported into 7-STABLE. Same with SLOG (log) devices; although it's only with FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE/9.0 (ZFSv28) that your pool could survive the death of a SLOG.

I like my storage to be fast and to be able to do the following:

If you want your storage to be fast, then avoid the WD Green drives. They are, to be blunt, absolute crap. With the first generation of the WD Green drives, you could disable the 8 second head parking "feature" using their wdidle3.exe tool. They've since removed that capability from their firmware. WD Green + raidz = worse performance than a single IDE drive.

If you need low-power drives, then look at the Hitachi or Seagate LP drives.

* Be able to keep my VMWare Virtual Machines stored over iSCSI exported ZVols.

iSCSI works, but using NFS gives you so many benefits. Even VMWare is moving away from iSCSI and other SAN technologies and recommending NFS (and their VMFS on top) for high-performance VM storage. And NFS works better with ZFS than iSCSI.

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