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Windows Ars Technica has posted a lengthy article on the new promising Microsoft Command Shell. It looks at MSH from the point of view of both coders and Windows admins.
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It looks cool
by ma_d on Mon 24th Oct 2005 05:37 UTC
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It's like a cross between Python and shell, but mostly Python.
I'll have to give it a whirl when the big release comes. It looks like I won't get to make fun of them for their lack of a shell anymore; now I'll have to make comments about their incompatible shell ;) .
Yes, I'm insatiable.

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RE: It looks cool
by defile on Mon 24th Oct 2005 10:58 in reply to "It looks cool"
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If you haven't already, consider giving Services for UNIX (SFU) a try. To me, it's one of the best, free as in beer downloads Microsoft offers. While it doesn't doesn't allow you to leverage Windows specifics (although I use VIM to write VBScript with syntax highlighting ;) , it will give you a very nice shell in Windows (not to mention well integrated access to standard UNIX commands). Especially after a quick visit to From there you can add BASH, TCSH, ZSH and/or even an OpenSSH server. Crave an X Windows Server with that? can help with that too. SFU includes CSH and KSH. If you do a custom install, you can add a complete GNU development environment and perl as well.

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RE[2]: It looks cool
by ma_d on Mon 24th Oct 2005 21:22 in reply to "RE: It looks cool"
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Yes, I'm aware of it. But for me, it'd be a hindrance as my main uses for Windows these days are:
a.) Games
b.) Porting to Windows

It messes up b because then I forget things like the lack of pthreads without SFU.
I end up installing ming though, which also gives you bash and a few development utilities. Usually ming plus emacs (when I can get it to work and don't have to use the inferior xemacs) is good enough for a lite workload.

I do know now to avoid Cygwin though, heh. If it installs, yay. If the install fails, there goes an hour of your life.

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