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Mac OS X "It's no longer possible to write a single app that takes advantage of the full range of Mac OS X features. Some APIs only work inside the Mac App Store. Others only work outside it. Presumably, this gap will widen as more new features are App Store-exclusive, while sandboxing places greater restrictions on what App Store apps are allowed to do." Anybody surprised by this, here's the clue stick. Please proceed to hit yourself with it.
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RE[2]: Not unexpected!
by gan17 on Fri 27th Jan 2012 02:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Not unexpected!"
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This is the reason why I never got a second iPhone. As good a device as it is, the fact that I have no control over the way I transfer my files to it is a major con. I don't use iTunes and I sure as hell am not going to purchase a copy of what I already have from it just so it can play on my phone.

I have no qualms using iTunes to play my media on the actual phone, but it's daft to expect me to have iTunes installed on my Linux/BSD boxes (and no, I don't see using some Mono-infested gtkpod app as a viable solution).

Well, the good thing about iOS5 is that you don't need a PC/Mac with iTunes to update the phone, at least. But please, let me transfer my ripped/encoded tunes the way I want!!

[/rant] ... sorry

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RE[3]: Not unexpected!
by Mellin on Sun 29th Jan 2012 19:20 in reply to "RE[2]: Not unexpected!"
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didn't see any mono in gtkpod

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