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Post PC era is just shape shifting
by Straho on Fri 27th Jan 2012 09:39 UTC
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How I see things are like that:
1. Private Server Market - dominated by Linux and big companies like Oracle, IBM, SAP. Includes governments and companies databases, some private web services, datawarehousing.
2. Web Server Market - again dominated by Linux, HTML5, NoSQL, open source web servers. Includes news sites, companies sites and some social sites, some public web services.
3. Public Cloud Market - dominated by Linux and web cloud services providers like Google, Amazon, DropBox and others. Includes some public web services, some social sites, some content selling and sharing sites.
4. Private Cloud Market - dominated by Linux. Includes closed companies and families clouds, where you could share info with coworkers and family members.
5. Workstation Market - dominated by Windows, but there has attempt for changing in Europe, Latin America and Asia. There we have CAD systems, IDEs, Photoshop and other work specific applications, web browsers. I suppose most people will use private clouds and web browsers for simple document editing and big office applications like MS Office would be a niche applications. That's the second biggest market by number of customers with a few big players and a few strong, but niche players.
6. Personal Market - iPhones and other phones, iPads and other tablets, ultrabooks and notebooks, low and mid range laptops, TVs and game consoles. They will be space and energy saving. Anyone of this gadgets would give us access to public and private clouds, web services, web sites, video watching, music listening, reading, social contacts, gaming. That is the biggest market with many players and Apple are successful one.
It's just shape shifting - ours PC wouldn't look a like our workstation, and our workstation wouldn't look a like our servers.

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NoSQL doesn't dominate anything. Its Linux Apache *MySQL* and PHP (LAMP) all the way. Actually Windows is also quite popular in the hosting market although not as popular as Linux (because of the licensing costs). FreeBSD also holds its own.

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