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OS/2 and eComStation Les Bell has released (Jan 2012) his course material "Introduction to OS/2 Warp Programming" under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. The course had been released with its original files, OOXML, ODF, PDF version and lab exercises.
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RE[3]: Awesome!
by zima on Mon 30th Jan 2012 21:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Awesome!"
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Imagine what could be done with it in an open source community [...]

I'm guessing pretty much the same thing the greater OSS community does with Symbian or GEM... (or maybe, at best, with Allegiance or Warzone 2100 - just two "closed -> OSS" games I'm familiar with; the first one from Microsoft, BTW)

...not so much what happens with Blender, id game engines, Star Office, or Mozilla (hm, maybe some pattern emerges here, maybe closed -> open OS have a harder time for some reason; I think the biggest success of such is Solaris, and this one's still a bit 50/50; now that I think about it, id engines are a bit similar - sure, fun tech, used here and there for nice things, but relatively limited overall impact)

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RE[4]: Awesome!
by Tuishimi on Mon 30th Jan 2012 21:33 in reply to "RE[3]: Awesome!"
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O.K. Mr. Negativity.

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RE[5]: Awesome!
by zima on Mon 30th Jan 2012 21:46 in reply to "RE[4]: Awesome!"
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Well, most of my previous post just mentions straightforward facts (but tell me, did you remember that Symbian and GEM* can be had under OSS licenses, while sort of wishing there about some 2nd youth for OS/2?), it's grounded in reality (and IMHO using it as a guide to judge new possibilities is useful; for one, it's generally nicer to allocate scarce resources where it makes most sense)

*they also ~"can still perform the basic things any other operating system can perform... and it is already written, just needs some "help" to modernize it"

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