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Graphics, User Interfaces This weekend at FOSDEM 2012 what Kristian Hogsberg is expected to say in Brussels will surprise many of you: Wayland 1.0 is gearing up for release as their first stable release. Wayland [a new X server for Linux] is supposed to be ready to take on the Linux desktop world.
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RE[3]: Hope they can deliver
by phoenix on Wed 1st Feb 2012 17:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hope they can deliver"
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The radeon driver has supported Xrandr for multi-monitor support for several years now.

Prior to that, though, I found the MergedFB support in the radeon driver to be far superior to nVidia's TwinView.

I was a staunch ATI fan for many many years, going from radeon to firegl to radeon again, always with dual monitors, never with any issues with "maximise covers both monitors".

It was only when the district standardised on nVidia for student desktops that I switched away from ATI. And it's taken a couple of years to get a working xrandr setup using the nouveau driver. Something I had from the get-go with radeon/mergedfb.

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