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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless An article at The Next Web points out that the latest marketshare numbers put Apple at the top of "PC" makers, and that some PC makers that don't have any tablet momentum are calling foul. It's "controversial" to count tablets as PCs, they say. The article points out various justifications for not categorizing tablets as personal computers, and then shoots them down. I must say, I find the argument compelling.
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RE[4]: No,
by TemporalBeing on Thu 2nd Feb 2012 15:06 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: No,"
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Based on your definition my Android phone is a PC, except for your recursive definition of "running PC programs". Think about it. What a PC program - a program that runs on a PC. What's a PC - it runs PC programs. Nice!

Other than the circular reasoning above, my Phone prints to a network printer, can access files on the Lan, and I can load all kinds of programs.

Define a "PC program"? Most would consider it a program that runs on Windows. Therefore a system running another OS is not a PC. That is, as both of us pointed out, a flawed definition of a PC or a "PC program".

Would I consider my N1 phone a PC? Not quite - mainly due to limitations of the form factor; but that doesn't mean I wouldn't consider another Android device a "PC" - an Android tablet would probably be fantastic, and I do plan on replacing my N1 with a tablet when the time comes, and having a keyboard to go with the tablet for when I want to do document editing and extensive typing - not possible with the N1.

So I think there are a lot of different factors that enable something to be a PC - in the sense that a PC is a personal computing device. My N1 is more of a personal communications device than a personal computing device.

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