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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu This shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Jonathan Riddell, lead developer of the Kubuntu project and the only person paid by Canonical to work on the KDE variant of the popular distribution, has announced that after the 12.04 release, Canonical will no longer be funding him, effectively putting Kubuntu on the same level as other Ubuntu variants like Xubuntu.
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RE[3]: No surprise
by cdude on Thu 9th Feb 2012 07:06 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: No surprise"
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So, everything done in Javascript is in general more bendable then any other programming-language? Sounds like the view of a Javascript-fanboy.

KDE's desktop is a collection of plugins and each single component can be replaced/changed on the fly. All those Plasmoids out there prove that. Do not like those Folderview's? Use another plugin! Do not like the Cashew? Use another plugin!

KDE goes even so far to make removing, adding, changing or arranging plugins and visual components possible via the UI. So, you can just drag and drop a folder-view from your desktop to your panel if you like. Or you can just add a new panel to the right-side of your desktop with just some clicks.

That goes far beyond what is possible with Gnome-Shell. Sure someone could achieve the same result but for that you need to dive deep into the Javascript and code everything yourself.

So, how exactly is Gnome-Shell more bendable to the user's will?

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RE[4]: No surprise
by orestes on Thu 9th Feb 2012 15:23 in reply to "RE[3]: No surprise"
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According to our boy up there plugins don't count as customization. ;-)

I'll admit it's been a looooong time since I've touched KDE4 and it'll be an even longer time before I bother to do so again, but the plugin frameworks do offer a lot of customization as you say. By the same token Gnome has it's extensions ready for one click installing and the capability of more or less being rewritten on the fly if the user wants to exert the effort. Perhaps at the end of the day they're equal in potential, for a sufficiently technical sort of user.

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