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Windows Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing - one of the best Windows blogs on the web - has a very interesting item up about a certain bit of behaviour in Windows 95 I was unaware of. Basically, there's a neat little trick where you can close and move the Start button. It wasn't a feature, but a bug.
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Depends on your perspective
by edvim on Wed 15th Feb 2012 17:48 UTC
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>> ...I spent most of my time trying to circumvent the various administrator-imposed limitations to Windows.

I find it a little odd you appear to take pride in your ability to 'vandalize' your school's computers -- I'm sure that made things more difficult for your teachers as they had to work around your handiwork and the lost time was just as detrimental to your fellow students who didn't have access to computers that were down for unnecessary maintenance. Just sayin'.

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lucas_maximus Member since:

It is standard among geeks. Once I am on a PC, I will control it. But then I am one of the few guys that runs everything as Admin even on *nix.

In other words it is fun to be a dick at the expense of others.

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

Who said anything about vandalism?

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RE: Depends on your perspective
by shmerl on Wed 15th Feb 2012 18:52 in reply to "Depends on your perspective"
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Vandalizing would have been making a program for burning old monitors with writing some random garbage to certain HW ports. It literally destroyed some old CRTs.

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RE: Depends on your perspective
by Morgan on Wed 15th Feb 2012 21:31 in reply to "Depends on your perspective"
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"You've led a trite and meaningless life."

As others have said, it's not vandalism, it's having fun with your fellow students and your teachers. I don't know what college you may have gone to, but my brother and I used to prank our SQL/400 teacher all the time and he loved it! He would get us too of course, since his knowledge of AS/400 systems was vast and nearly infinite compared to ours. We were on Windows 2000 for the web development and Java classes at that time so no Start button shenanigans, but we did pull off the desktop screenshot prank on the entire Java lab one quarter. Fun times!

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edvim Member since:

I was a tech support contractor at an inner city public school for several years. The central administration has to take extreme measures for content filtering and in the classroom computers I had to use the group policy editor on a master install image to lock down the systems so tightly they were barely usable. The teachers complained but understood the reasons why the kids' computer and online access was so crappy and restricted -- it only takes one or two kids who think their own needs are more important to wreck it for everybody. So yeah, I'm trite and meaningless to you but I at least grew up respecting others.

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