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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Jobs called Android a 'stolen product', but theft can be a tricky concept when talking about innovation. The iPhone didn't emerge fully formed from Jobs's head. Rather, it represented the culmination of incremental innovation over decades - much of which occurred outside of Cupertino." Nothing particularly new in there for regular OSNews readers, but still handy to have it in one place.
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RE[2]: Comment by WorknMan
by leos on Fri 24th Feb 2012 02:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by WorknMan"
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Apple is in fact a follower in almost all areas, but with a fan base that will overlook all their shortcomings for the few things they do right, which are the only ones that count. Which makes them the best by default.

That's the geek's perspective. People who haven't worked in teaching technology have no idea about the value of usability. It trumps everything. Seriously. Having a system that just works is worth dozens of features.

The old argument of "well it's those crazy apple fanboys" may have been plausible 10 years ago when there weren't many Apple users. You can't seriously believe it's all because of the gullible fans when Apple are putting up the sales numbers of today. But that's a common "geek" perspective, that everyone else must be dumber than you are and that's why they make the choices they do.

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RE[3]: Comment by WorknMan
by No it isnt on Fri 24th Feb 2012 17:36 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by WorknMan"
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The "just works" myth of Apple products is just a myth. And if it really existed and really trumped everything, it would have real-world consequences which in fact it does not have. Apple users would be more efficient in the workplace (they are not), they wouldn't need support (they do, often for the most trivial things), in short using Apple would be more economical and efficient, which it is not.

Your "argument" is that people who aren't geeks magically "just know" that it is so, and since geeks just "don't get it", it's simply impossible to discuss these things. I say you're full of shit and cliched marketing tricks.

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RE[4]: Comment by WorknMan
by MysterMask on Sun 26th Feb 2012 11:51 in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by WorknMan"
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Do you have any hard facts? TCO or productivity studies? Anything?

Based on my personal experience I can safely say that due to Apple there are more people able to successfully use complex devices like computers, smartphones and tables without or with only minor tech support.
E. g. I worked in a company having about 50% PCs and 50% Macs. Mac support was done by a single person, PC support needed a team of four. Your point was?

Of course there are those horrible examples where Windows supporters try to do / have to do Mac support without any knowledge and support costs starts to get ugly expensive due to that.

The fact remains: Since Apple's iPhone there are hugh numbers of users now able to surf the web, doing e-mails and stuff without the "friendly neighbor" doing PC support and reinstalling Windows now and then. This is a hugh productivity gain (you can always quarrel about the usefulness of what people to with their devices) not seen before with Symbian, Windows, Linux, etc.

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