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General Development "In this blog post (and the one that will follow) we'd like to introduce a few of the broad reaching experience improvements that we've delivered in Visual Studio 11. We've worked hard on them over the last two years and believe that they will significantly improve the experience that you will have with Visual Studio."
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RE[8]: For C++
by vivainio on Sat 25th Feb 2012 19:43 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: For C++"
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Nobody is forcing you to use all tools that are part of Visual Studio.

You do not need Report Designer? Then don't use it. You do not need XSLT debugger? Don't use it, etc.

I have no beef with Visual Studio having lots of features. Eclipse has too, and eclipse is a fine IDE.

Extra features do not make the IDE significantly worse, but I'm arguing they don't make it significantly better either.

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RE[9]: For C++
by gonzo on Sat 25th Feb 2012 20:03 in reply to "RE[8]: For C++"
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Yes, they do, because those features in Visual Studio are really well integrated.

For example, Report Designer understands your projects, code, etc and is immediately giving you options to pick exposed collections, etc, etc.

Or for example, you can use command line or Windows Explorer to check-in, check-out, diff, etc files, but it sure is easier and quicker if you can do that directly from Solution Explorer..

Yet, you do not have to use these features from within VS if you do not want to.

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