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Windows Metro is beautiful and elegant. It works wonders on my HTC HD7, and I'm pretty darn sure it's going to work just many wonders on tablets later this year. However, Microsoft also expects us to use Windows 8's Metro on our desktops with mice and keyboards - and in that scenario, I can't really see it work any wonders. The Verge user Sputnik8 decided to see what Metro would look like applied to a more regular desktop. The results are... Stunning.
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Metro will fail...
by TemporalBeing on Mon 27th Feb 2012 18:47 UTC
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...seriously it will, and I'll draw an example as to why.

KDE4 running in "Desktop" mode works wonderfully on a desktop. And in "netbook" mode it provides a very nice touch screen display. However, the "netbook" mode is absolutely horrendous to use on a system without touch - it really should be called 'touchscreen' mode.

However, KDE4 in either mode still presents applications the same way. They got at least that right, which is more than I can say for Microsoft and Win8. And in that respect, KDE4 in either mode is an absolutely beautiful environment.

So, we can already see from a readily available and deployed platform that using the same exact management functionality does not work on different form factors - which is exactly what MS is trying to do with Win8.

KDE4 was designed with that in mind, and in that respect they have the different modes so that you can adjust to the best mode for your form factor.

Has Microsoft learned nothing?

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RE: Metro will fail...
by zima on Sun 4th Mar 2012 21:39 in reply to "Metro will fail..."
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The way KDE does things has hardly any impact on anything, the least on dynamics and uptake of Windows...

And anyway, it is a project which generally follows Windows UI (I don't mean this in a "bad way", that's natural coming largely from places where Gnome-influencing MacOS was less popular, and not wanting to scare people away... too much), one which will probably continue ~failing much more than Windows, Metro or not.

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