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Windows I'm swamped with real-world work at the moment, so you'll have to settle for this quickie: the consumer preview for Windows 8 has been released. Go get it and report in what you find!
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RE[2]: Comment by Thom_Holwerda
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 29th Feb 2012 23:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Thom_Holwerda"
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Right. Now my Mail, People and so on applications are all in German instead of English (and my account is Dutch wtflol?). What a massive clusterfcuk, this. Why can't I just sign into Facebook and GMail without all this linking bullshit? The linking doesn't even work, even though it says it does. In German.

How can they make something so simple THIS complicated?


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Let's be clear about this, the apps don't look very finished. The Mail app only downloaded 6 mails. The OS seems ok. But the apps aren't. They tend to crash. No XBL outside the USA. No Zune Pass either. Only Skydrive seems to be accessible.

About every app as a Send Comments button. I sent mine.

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Did you miss the part about it being a preview Thom?

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