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Legal If you run a web site or service that runs afoul of US law, and that site is hosted overseas, then the US legal system doesn't have much recourse, right? Wrong. Because the .com, .net, and .org top level domains are managed by a US company, the government can come to Verisign with a court order and seize your domain, effectively shutting you down. And because of a quirk of internet history that made the US-controlled domains the de-facto standard for web sites, this is a situation that's quite possibly permanent.
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Out of the frying pan?
by daddio on Tue 6th Mar 2012 19:17 UTC
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Its scary to see the US demonstrate its unworthiness to continue management of the root servers, because I agree that a handoff to the UN would be worse, with strong russian, chinese, and other censorship-happy influences.

I hope I am wrong.

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RE: Out of the frying pan?
by CapEnt on Wed 7th Mar 2012 12:19 in reply to "Out of the frying pan?"
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Even if root servers was internationally controlled, USA still could seize domains controlled by a company on American soil.

As long the US government keep itself away from the domains of other countries, i don't think that any government would care less. (They know that the first time they dare to touch a thirty party domain, it will be the last.)

If you buy a service from a company in USA, then you subject part of your business to the American law. Just because its so easy to get American services overseas, it does not mean that the service itself is a international resource except from American law.

By the end of day, authoritarian countries already filter their DNS servers, and their local domain controllers are subject to heavy censorship, including background checks of anyone buying a domain. What we should try is to prevent USA itself to become a authoritarian regime.

Thus, the only way to be sure that your business do not fall in some stupid grey area of American law, is to rely on the local services of your country, or of a country that is legal to do whatever you want to. If you are using the internet for political purposes, then you should go after a country that is sympathetic with your pleas.

Its pretty sad to know that we don't have a country with the mighty of USA to actually stand as the perfect freedom outpost of the world. But as imperfect as the US government is, there is far worse countries out there.

Of course, if you rely on USA services just because your local services sucks, i'm sorry for you.

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