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Internet & Networking Ever since it became clear that Google was not going to push WebM as hard as they should have, the day would come that Mozilla would be forced to abandon its ideals because the large technology companies don't care about an open, unencumbered web. No decision has been made just yet, but Mozilla is taking its first strides to adding support for the native H.264 codecs installed on users' mobile systems. See it as a thank you to Mozilla for all they've done for the web.
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Mozilla need users
by masennus on Thu 15th Mar 2012 06:07 UTC
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Thom, I find it strange that you say things like this: "We owe a great deal to the men and women at Mozilla" and "Heaven forbid we suffer a bit of inconvenience today for a better tomorrow". And still you won't suffer the very minor inconvenience of actually using firefox. Mozilla would not have to take this step if only people would care enough to even use firefox. Just wondering what the major inconveniences are that are forcing you to use another browser and thus be part of creating a worse tomorrow for all of us?

Or do you mean that since we now have chromium, which is also open, mozilla is no longer relevant?

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RE: Mozilla need users
by Lennie on Fri 16th Mar 2012 11:36 in reply to "Mozilla need users"
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No, you are exactly right. That was how I read it to.

But that is what Thom is like, pragmetic and complaining about Mozilla being pragmetic too ;-)

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