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Legal "Last week a large, profitable company sued a small start-up business for patent infringement. As a non-legal person, I can only guess that this sort of thing must happen fairly often. I would also guess that the large companies, which have the means to hire crackerjack legal teams and drag cases out, must often win. And while I guess I feel bad for the small businesses, I've never really cared before now. Because this time, the stakes are high. This time, it's my daughter's voice on the line. Literally." Infuriating. Maybe these are the kinds of stories we need to get normal people to care enough to force lawmakers to change. Sadly, the big bags of money from Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle are probably far more important to them than this sad story.
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"The guy who wrote this story" is actually a girl. Me.

I don't know how to jailbreak anything, and I don't know about patents, and I don't know about much of the tech world, but I'm willing to learn.

Sorry to hear about your story. I can think of a couple of places you can contact (I guess someone told you about them already):

This is a well-known anti-IP IP attorney:

Oh, if you need money to raise money for a specific cause, you could try this place:

Have you tried complaining directly to the patent holders? Maybe they don't want the bad publicity.

I would also contact Apple (but watch out, they love patents).

That said, in my humble opinion the patent system is working exactly as intended, a winner-takes-all game. Of course there are many possible reforms which would make it less harmful, but only insofar as they make it less effective and closer to patent abolition (we can dream!).

Good luck.

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