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Games "Last week, we previewed the launch of Wing Commander Saga: Darkest Dawn, the fan-built companion to Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger that's been in the making for the past ten years. We were excited for its launch. But now that the game is available, how'd the team do?" They did good, it turns out. It's high time the space simulator genre gets a boost. And yeah, it's a slow news day, unless you want me to bore you with nonsense about the new iPad being slightly warmer to the touch or a Microsoft contest not being fair (who'da thunk?!).
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Loved the old WC
by gan17 on Tue 27th Mar 2012 00:11 UTC
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Fond memories of the first 2 WC games. Think I was running a 386 at the time they came out.

But then Chris Roberts wanted to become a movie director and brought in live-action cutscenes starring that short Jedi, that Caligula dude and a few retired pornstars. Result was bleh. I wonder which halfwit thought it was a good idea to have people spending more time watching a B-movie than playing a game?!

Privateer games were solid, though. I preferred the Han-Solo feel of it compared to the more rigid WC games.

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RE: Loved the old WC
by AmigaRobbo on Tue 27th Mar 2012 17:11 in reply to "Loved the old WC"
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Brian Blessed was an ex pornstar?

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