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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I just gave the new iPad an Editors' Choice award for large tablets, but frankly it was a foregone conclusion. The iPad doesn't get the award because of its hardware, lovely as the hardware is. It gets the award because its apps are generally better than the apps available for Android tablets." The laptop gap may have been closed, but the tablet gap sure hasn't.
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My theory ...
by dsmogor on Wed 28th Mar 2012 19:21 UTC
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is Android ecosystem has been actually created by carriers pushing devices rather than genuine demand for the OS itself. Now that it improved on phones it's self sustainable now.
The same forces are just not there with tablets despite great manufacturers eagerness.
That's the weak flank that MS will attack, and I don't see why wouldn't win, with Android at least.
I Google wants to fend it off they should deliver affordable ICS tablet (1/2 iPad price max) fast and pledge carriers to subsidize it. And produce quality apps themselves.

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