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Internet & Networking The Goodbye, Microsoft website has been a good source of Linux information for five years, focusing on issues like compatibility, mature computers, performance, applications, light distros, and reviews. The site just posted its Big Board of Linux Distributions, a list that gives you quick info on Linux distros sorted by hardware requirements. Here's to hoping this useful non-commercial website is with us for the next five years.
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'Goodbye Microsoft' Since 1998
by randy7376 on Thu 29th Mar 2012 13:26 UTC
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I said "good-bye" to Microsoft back in December 1998 after going through Windows 98 hell and haven't looked back!

While I still have to use some MS products in my day-to-day work, at home it is a totally Microsoft-free zone!

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Yep. I quit using Microsoft at home several years ago, as well. It's been so long that I don't actually recall how many years. But, lately, I've been reconsidering.

Linux is my favorite and most productive OS, bar none. But, it doesn't run every app that I like to use, such as Adobe Lightroom (which runs on a macbook pro). True, there are alternatives. But, none of the alternatives are as good.

With each subsequent update (upgrade), my macbook has gotten increasingly sluggish. I don't like OSX as well as I like Windows. They are both annoying. But, I think Windows is even less annoying than OSX.

The macbook pro keyboard is an atrocity for me -- no Ctrl key on the right side, no Home key, no End key. These are shortcut keys that I use on both Windows and Linux. I miss those keys infinitely on my mbp.

I'm not to the point of jumping ship just yet. I keep reminding myself why I hate M$ so much. But, Apple is pushing me that direction. Yea, I could upgrade my mbp, and I might.

Oh well....

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