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Linux "It is common to see newbies asking in microcontroller forums if they can run Linux on their puny little 8-bit micro. The results are usually laughter. It is also common to see, in Linux forums, asked what the minimum specs for Linux are. The common answer is that it requires a 32-bit architecture and an MMU and at least a megabyte of ram to fit the kernel. This project aims to (and succeeds in) shatter(ing) these notions. The board you see on the right is based on an ATmega1284p. I've made one with an ATmega644a as well, with equal success. This board features no other processor and boots Linux 2.6.34. In fact, it can even bring up a full Ubuntu stack, including (if you have the time) X and gnome."
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Linux in a 286
by KrustyVader on Fri 30th Mar 2012 23:28 UTC
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At the end of the 90's was a project trying to make Linux run on a 80286, never knew what happen with that.

But if anyone interesting there are another like that: The ELKS Project

Or something really weird Lunix:
They were able to run a multitasking OS on a C64. And then try (or succeed) to make a Unix like OS.

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RE: Linux in a 286
by bassbeast on Sun 1st Apr 2012 16:40 in reply to "Linux in a 286"
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What I don't get is WHY does articles like this get so much press by the Linux community? Is it somehow amazing that if you spend long enough bashing at something you can make it run poorly on anything if you have the source? What's next 'Here is Linux running on a VCR remote!". I mean I can understand why the guy did it for himself, he was bored and didn't have anything better to do with his weekends, i get that, but why give him press for being bored, just because he used some Linux code in his boredom?

Its not like there aren't plenty of really cool smaller projects that could actually be useful that couldn't use the press, heck any quick skim through Freshmeat or Distrowatch will find you a dozen to write about easily. Why write about some guy making Linux take 4+ hours to boot on a toaster? Is that REALLY worth writing about?

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RE[2]: Linux in a 286
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Sun 1st Apr 2012 22:06 in reply to "RE: Linux in a 286"
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The only things worth writing about are the things people enjoy reading about. I, for one, enjoyed reading about it. So, yes, it was worth it. it sounds like you've never doen anything technically interesting but ultimately pointless before . For those of us who have, its really cool to know we aren't alone and there is always some one crazier than us.

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