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Google It happened when I first used a PalmOS device. It happened when I first used the BeOS. It happened when I first used an iPhone. And now it's happened by just watching a video - that sense that there's no need to wait for the future, because it's already here. Google has just unveiled its augmented reality glasses, Project Glass, and it will blow you away.
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Actually hmd (helmet mounted display). A hud is attached to the cockpit, an hmd to your head.

Yes, it's cool in concept, but I wonder if it will further isolate people in crowds.

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I apologize my parlance is more videogame based but tech would be the dominant definition in this venue.
I have no faith in this device but it has sparked curiosity in the future of this sort of tech.

Keep it simple. Just text, like so:
80 degrees, raining
1.67 miles to 10th Street
Doctor Mayweather, patient Steve Buscemi is flatlining.
Kindle reading glasses (I'm aware of the traffic nightmare it could cause but I'm still looking forward to it.)

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