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Google Interesting, if not inherently flawed, article by Farhad Manjoo. "Honan might be right that Google has violated its own definition of evil, but doesn't it matter that every one of its rivals also routinely violates Google's definition of evil?" I say flawed, because I value promises more than anything. Google has done things recently that break their initial promise. That sucks - there's no way around it. I do love Gruber's take, though: "It's not that Google is evil. It's that they're hypocrites. That's the difference between Google and its competitors." In other words, it's perfectly fine to be an evil scumbag company, as long as you're not claiming you're not. That's a rather... Warped view on morality.
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RE[2]: says the one..
by fran on Thu 5th Apr 2012 18:49 UTC in reply to "RE: says the one.."
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To be fair, it was Google themselves (and their fanboys) that HEAVILY promoted that slogan, and it should be noted that the slogan was double-edged. It wasn't just a slogan about Google, it was a slogan about their competitors. "We're not evil, our compeitors are." When you're implicitly declaring your competition to be evil, and then do "evil" yourself, then you deserve to be called out on it.

I think the whole "evil" meme is stupid to begin with. Generally speaking, the only corporations I consider to be "evil" are those that gratuitously pollute the environment and those that use abusive labor practices. The rest of the stuff (patent litigation, antitrust accusations, etc), I don't consider "evil", just run-of-the-mill capitalist activity, unsavory though some of that activity may be (on second thought, price-fixing I think crosses the line between unsavory and "evil", so I'll add that to the "evil" category too hehe).

The camps that accuse Google of being Cavalier about user info is wrong. Google requires warrant for access to your info.

And any iphone/apple or any browser or search engine user that thinks he/her's info is somehow more safe because he is not using Google is mistaken.
This issue is not a technology issue. It is a civil rights issue. This post show what i mean about this being a platform agnostic issue.

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RE[3]: says the one..
by MollyC on Thu 5th Apr 2012 22:47 in reply to "RE[2]: says the one.."
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Didn't Google recently get caught "hacking" Safari's browser such that even if the user turned off cookies or tracking or whatever, Google still hacked some way to do tracking in Safari? (Sorry, I forget the details of the story.) And then it turned out they did similar with IE?

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RE[4]: says the one..
by fran on Thu 5th Apr 2012 23:08 in reply to "RE[3]: says the one.."
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Yip, that's true. The accusation from the companies is a bit hypocritical though.

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