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Windows "This is the continuation from our previous article on the latest build, which significantly depicts itself as Beta 2. We'll cover everything we missed in our first installment of the 5231 coverage, but before you continue, we recommend you read the first part of the article to get a better grasp on the new features and changes Microsoft has made in 5231."
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Media Centre
by thavith_osn on Wed 26th Oct 2005 12:11 UTC
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One of the only interfaces that MS seemed to be getting right was media center, so much so that even Apple is copying it in Front Row.

What I don't understand is why they are changing it, going away from simplicity and onto what they do best, complicating what should be simple...

Ah well... Vista doesn't come out for another year or so, hopefully they will revert back to what they currently have..

Apple will certainly have a full media centre by then...

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RE: Media Centre
by jtrapp on Wed 26th Oct 2005 17:00 in reply to "Media Centre"
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I agree, Media Center is one thing they should try not to muck up. I really enjoy the current version of MCE, but its simplicity is what makes it navigable with a remote control (I would like to see them drop the IR for bluetooth).
As to Apple copying many different ways can you design an interface that works well with a remote?

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RE[2]: Media Centre
by Googlesaurus on Wed 26th Oct 2005 19:38 in reply to "RE: Media Centre"
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"As to Apple copying many different ways can you design an interface that works well with a remote?"

A better question might be how many ways can you design an interface for anything and allow it to be familiar, intuitive, and functional?

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