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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless RIM has announced it's going to remove the PlayBook's ability to sideload applications. The company claims it's to prevent the piracy problems in the "chaotic cesspool of Android Market". However, the company provided no evidence, studies, or whatever to back up their claims. Considering the state of RIM's business, I'd say the company has bigger fish to fry, but alas. At this point, I'm just hoping they don't do a BeOS, but open the QNX code before they go belly-up.
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It was a dumb move
by twitterfire on Tue 10th Apr 2012 08:46 UTC
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It was a big fail for RIM and a big win for the guys selling QNX.

With 200 millions USD one can probably hire developers to write at least 20 operating systems, QNX-like. Probably they payed that nice amount of cash because they were in a hurry and they wanted it overnight.

Probably they wanted something proprietary, non GPL, so they can keep their source close. But they could have used FreeBSD or NetBSD instead.

If I were RIM shareholder I'd fire the CEO in a second.

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