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Google "Here's a business riddle: divine Google's intentions for its largest-ever acquisition, the $12.5 billion purchase of the once-great, now-faltering Motorola Mobility. Motorola represents one of the thorniest strategic and operational challenges in Google's 14-year history. Oddly, few seem to be paying attention."
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by fran on Wed 11th Apr 2012 23:13 UTC
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The operational side of Motorola won't be a challenge, because Google acquired Motorola with all it's operations managers and experienced employees.

It is allaying the fears of other Android handset manufacturers that poses the biggest challenge.
A probable solution is to give HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony either a place on the Motorolla board, crosslicense patents and/or even possibly (exteme solution nonetheless) an option to buy a stake in Motorolla if they want to or easier an shareswop.
They could even share manufacturing facilities.

Another thing is the Google mindset. Selling advertising when the infrastructure is in place is relatively easy money compared to selling hardware in a cutthroat enviroment with low margins and all the other headaches that comes with selling hardware like honouring warranties ect.

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by viton on Thu 12th Apr 2012 00:32 in reply to "maybe"
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Selling advertising when the infrastructure is in place
Well, after all, Google is advertising company ;)

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