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Windows So, Microsoft developer evangelist Nuno Silva, who stated in an interview with a Portuguese website that current Windows Phone devices would be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, has officially retracted his statements about upgradeability. More fuel for the current-devices-will-not-get-WP8 fire.
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Well ...
by WorknMan on Thu 19th Apr 2012 20:27 UTC
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It's like it's always been... Microsoft is going to keep throwing shit against the wall until they find something that sticks. If that means abandoning old technologies (along with anyone who bought into them), then so be it.

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RE: Well ...
by jnemesh on Thu 19th Apr 2012 21:37 in reply to "Well ..."
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Which would be just fine if the handsets in question were at least a year old! But to have this stance when their "flagship" device just launched and the new OS is six months out is just ridiculous! It is a VERY good thing that they are giving away these phones...the customers that get suckered into getting one can use the money they save to pay off the early termination fee and get a real phone!

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