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Graphics, User Interfaces Tobias Bjerrome Ahlin, an interface designer at Spotify, is a big believer in skeuomorphism. Whereas Apple is a strong advocate of this design concept, Microsoft is clearly moving in the exact opposite direction, while Android is in the process of moving away from skeuomorphism entirely, to a more digital experience. As a passionate hater of skeuomorphism in UIs, I found Ahlin's examples to be a bit weak.
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Yup, it's a problem...
by lispykid on Fri 20th Apr 2012 20:51 UTC
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And I believe it's the reason people were so happy with Gnome 2. A HIG and consistency. I really like what the elementary guys are doing in this department. I sometimes wonder what a GEM UI would look like today. The simplicity back then really made it shine in regard to clarity.

As for the iPad sales: It looks like a toy and it acts like a toy. That's really ok! Just like it's ok for a RPG game to use a gothic font.

But for a desktop environment it doesn't work. A DE should follow guidelines, get out of the way and enable users to quickly adjust to new applications and dive in to get their work done. That's why I'd pick the Mockup UI with the keyboards anyday over the piano interface. I expect it to have other advantages as my piano (e.g. looping, multichannel, whatever...) and therefore it should be fit to represent those and not replicate my piano 1:1.

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