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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The ZX Spectrum is 30 years old. The successor to Sir Clive Sinclair's ZX81 - at the time the world's best selling consumer computer - it introduced colour 'high resolution' graphics and sound. It also offered an extended version of Sinclair Basic, a computer language with which hundreds of thousands of users were already familiar."
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RE: Speccy Emulation
by zima on Sat 28th Apr 2012 16:22 UTC in reply to "Speccy Emulation"
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As a smug BBC user back in the 80s I was dismissive of the Spectrum's rubber keyboard and lower resolution.

I suppose somebody still smug like that wrote the "it introduced colour 'high resolution' graphics" ;) (but hey, this was also HD once...)

Thanks to its relative simplicity, the Spectrum is probably the most emulated 8 bit computer.

Depends on what we would mean by "most emulated" I guess.
Largest number of emulators - yeah, possibly, if only because as you say easy to do (say, as first foray into emulator-writing).
But C64 was much more popular, so I suspect the practice of its emulation is more widespread.

BTW one fun host: ;) (too bad not on Sansa Clip , way too low res)

It amazes me what programmers managed [...] The hardware was cloned too, with numerous Spectrum compatible computers produced in the Eastern Bloc.

Low cost also certainly played a role (and, as you can see from not strictly "Eastern Bloc" - also CIS, way into the 90s), plus I guess easy availability of locally-made Z80 clones.

Some real treasures hidden (lost to time?) there. In the late 90s I stumbled on a pack of suitable emulator + Russian demoscene productions for the ~Spectrum (Pentagon, I think), many of them (then) fairly recent.
What they managed, by then, to squeeze out of it was incredible (IIRC I was somewhat more impressed than with the late C64 demos), I can recommend hunting down such productions.

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