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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's about time. RIM is in deep trouble, and is seeing its smartphone market share being eaten left and right by Android and iOS. After being more or less the equivalent of a deer caught in the headlights, the company has now finally unveiled its answer to the original iPhone - 5 years too late.
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Of course iOS and Android will be replaced. We're just assuming that that's atleast several years away.

According to the "too late" argument, "several years away" should be even more "too late" than it is today. The "too late" argument means nothing can every displace what ever is currently leading, because once it's "too late", it will always be "too late", even more so as time goes on.

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"Too late" here can mean "too late to save RIM".

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Never too late, even to save RIM.

If what they come up with captures (or creates, a la iOS) the zeitgeist then it can come storming back.

I also think that there is a large well of former BB users who will jump ship back to something from "their" brand which meets their new (android/iOS fed) needs.

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You're missing the first part of that argument. It's "too little, too late".

This means that either

* instead of doing it now, they should have done this earlier
* or at this point in time, they should have done more.

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