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GNU, GPL, Open Source John Sullivan, executive director of the Free Software Foundation: "Were it grounded in reality, Oracle's claim that copyright law gives them proprietary control over any software that uses a particular functional API would be terrible for free software and programmers everywhere. It is an unethical and greedy interpretation created with the express purpose of subjugating as many computer users as possible, and is particularly bad in this context because it comes at a time when the sun has barely set on the free software community's celebration of Java as a language newly suitable for use in the free world. Fortunately, the claim is not yet reality, and we hope Judge Alsup will keep it that way." Couldn't agree more.
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RE[4]: Crazy FSF
by andydread on Thu 10th May 2012 09:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Crazy FSF"
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"[q]well to be honest, Stallman is batshit crazy

Unless you are Richard Stallman, how can you "be honest" about Richard Stallman? Stallman is an uber-nerd and behaves like what you would expect from unsocial types. Other than that, what is it about Stallman that makes him supposedly "batshit" crazy? Do you know what's batshit crazy? Oracle's claims. This alone vindicates Stallman, if we forget all the other crazy corporate shit that previously vindicated his views.

There's quite a bit of evidence out there that he's batshit crazy, he's not just another nerd.

As for Oracle, they're no different than any other big corporation.
Google is no better no matter how much they preach "don't be evil". Although Thom conveniently ignores this, Motorola (cough Google) is attacking everyone right and left using FRAND patents. They're all looking after their own good and Google is probably the worse one of all. [/q]

What ridiculous drivel you spew there. Who did Google attack with FRAND Patents. As for Motorola... you neglected to mention that Microsoft and Apple started this sleazy war over software-patents by suing world + dog over trivial and dubious software patents that should have never been filed and should have never been granted such as swiping on a frigging screen and rendering text before images for god's sake. Any use of FRAND patents to COUNTERSUE these sleaze-balls is FAIR GAME. Microsoft, Apple and Oracle are using sleazy software-patents to create an atmosphere where you CANNOT sit down at your computer and write system code without worrying about them coming to claim ownership of your frigging code that they did not write through the use of broad and obvious software-patents. And you come here spewing these Apple PR talking points. Self destructive much? You may not want or care to learn how write system code but it doesn't mean your hero Apple should be the only one allowed to write any system code. You bring to mind those that faithfully go out every election and vote for a particular political party against their own interests because of skillfully propagated propaganda/PR.

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