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Internet & Networking "The Russian based 'Pirate Pay' startup is promising the entertainment industry a pirate-free future. With help from Microsoft, the developers have built a system that claims to track and shut down the distribution of copyrighted works on BitTorrent. Their first project, carried out in collaboration with Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures, successfully stopped tens of thousands of downloads." Each of which, naturally, ran out to buy the film in question right away, recouping the costs for hiring the firm. None of these people, naturally, simply tried again a few hours later. Primo plan, guys.
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I'm bored as fcuk, so I'll feed the troll.

You did understand that honest people buy things they want.

I buy things.

Well, you don't.

You know me?

You keep on this it is legal to download but never say that it is still illegal to possess unauthorized works.

I'm Dutch. In The Netherlands, it is entirely legal to download and posses whatever you want, even if the source is illegal. It's the law dude, I can't help it.

Why don't you admit that you are breaking copyright laws?

Because I have never broken a copyright law in my life.

Why be a crooked person and steal movies and music?

I've never stolen a single object in my entire life. Accusing me of such an act is pretty serious. Any evidence to back it up? I'm quite curious.

Can't your promote a civilized world?

Unless I move to Scandinavia, I don't think my world can get much more civilised. Thanks for caring though!

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