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Windows For Microsoft, the traditional desktop is old news. It's on its way out, it's legacy, and the harder they claim the desktop has equal rights, the sillier it becomes. With companies, words are meaningless, it's actions that matter, and here Microsoft's actions tell the real story. The company has announced the product line-up for Visual Studio 11, and the free Express can no longer be used to create desktop applications. Message is clear.
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RE[5]: What will their use be?
by WorknMan on Mon 21st May 2012 23:40 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: What will their use be?"
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Way to miss the point. This is not about other options, this is about what is signals: the end of the desktop, even though Metro is virtually useless.

I'll believe MS is REALLY serious about Metro when they port MS Office and Visual Studio to it. Which they can't do for now, because Metro is little more than a toy shell for tech tards.

Until that time comes though, I'll consider Metro as one of their little experiments that they might or might not abandon, depending on how well (or not) it catches on.

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